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Free Resources for downloading

This is a handy printout to use to keep track of your daily tasks and goals. Maybe you keep forgetting to follow up on the things you need to - download this tracker and print it off and stick it on your fridge or your office wall to remind you daily to keep track of the important things.

Make a note of your self care every day. Whether it's to read a book, rest or watch a movie note that down and at the end of every week you can easily see the areas you need to pay attention to.

Daily Tracker

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Make it a habit to make note of the things you are grateful for everyday. Through gratitude we grow and prosper and bring more happiness into our lives.

Gratitude Journal

How often do you take on other people's responsibilities or things that drain you which you should not have taken on in the first place? It is ok to say "NO". So pay attention also to your 'Not-To-Do-List".


Reflect back on your school, college / university years and your first job and for each period of your life write down up to three achievements no matter how big or small. Write down the things you achieved or accomplished and what you did in order to do so. What values did you have? What strengths did you have? Describe yourself and what you were like. What did you like about yourself?
Looking at your answers what are the common qualities you had - are they the same today? If not - why not?

Re-Discovering Myself

Self care is very important. We need to take timeout to make sure that we give ourselves the care we need. Make it part of your daily / weekly / monthly goals to ensure that you take time out to treat yourself with loving kindness. Download this checklist and use it to list your self care practices and ensure you keep up with it.

Self-Care Checklist

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Through my coaching classes you will learn to build your courage muscles, to take action and eliminate the things that are obstacles to helping you live the life you really want. My worksheets and exercises will help you challenge yourself and make you take steps to turn your excuses into actions.

Turn Excuses into Actions

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When you set goals with a too far off deadline the tasks can seem daunting. Use this tracking chart to set your objectives and tasks on a week by week basis. It helps make you feel less overwhelmed.

Weekly Tracking Chart

Use this Wheel of Life to rate your satisfaction levels in each category.

Draw a line across your score in each category and then print it out and put it up where you can see it every day.

Work on a set of goals and an action plan to increase your satisfaction levels. And remember to always have a deadline for all your goals.

Wouldn't it be great to get to the end of the year to see how much progress you have made and to see your satisfaction levels have increased?

Wheel of Life

Download this diagram and complete it accordingly.

Who are you?

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