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What is your life purpose?

If someone asked you this question "what is your life purpose" - what would your answer be?

For some people this may not be a clear question to understand because they have never really thought about it. Not everyone believes that we are born for a purpose.

We are all entitled to our own beliefs about life and death. However, I do think that there is more meaning to life on earth than just being born, growing up, getting an education (if we can), and getting a job to earn money to survive, work to pay bills and spend some money on ourselves. Life is not just about enduring some good and bad times and then at some given time, our life expires.

I think that in whatever context you may define a life purpose, life is about finding the things that matter to you and make you happy and fulfilled, because your life makes a difference in some positive way. Some people are fortunate enough to know from the start what they are passionate about and which direction they want their lives to go in order to fulfil their life journey and for some, life just happens.

In order to figure out the things that do make you happy I suggest getting a pen and paper and, depending on your age, divide your life into equal years and for each section write a list of the things you achieved during those years and the things you felt inspired about. From your lists you will start to re-discover yourself and be able to determine what really matters to you.

François de la Rochefoucauld, a French writer who was also known as the man of letters said, "We have more ability than willpower, and it is often an excuse to ourselves that we imagine that things are impossible.” We often make excuses about why we cannot do the things we love to do because of fear, or worrying about what other people might say or think of us. We pay so much attention to those small voices of doubt that play over and over in our heads telling us that we can't do something because we don't have the money or resources to do it; or that we don't know the right people to help us pursue our dreams; or that it is better to remain in your comfort zone by keeping the job with a guaranteed salary even though you wake up every morning to go to do a job that you hate to do.

Some may argue that it is easier said than done but nothing is impossible unless you believe it to be so. It is all about believing in yourself and moving out of that fear bubble and comfort zone. You will never really know how you feel until you take that step to finding your happiness and doing the things that you love. Ask yourself, 'at the end of my life what would I like to see - that I have lived a life doing the things I loved to do which made me happy and feel inspired or that I have lived a monotonous life just doing what was expected of me even though it didn't make me happy?'

Even if you choose to remain in the job that you have or continue with the way you live your life then you can still add passion and inspiration to your life by pursuing the things that you love to do, that make you happy. At the very least I do think that everyone has the right to be happy in life despite the circumstances that are beyond our control. So by doing something that you love it adds to your happiness despite any challenges life throws your way.


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