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Challenging ourselves to change effectively.....

Everyone of us has something that we would like to change for the better. But how do we master that change and follow through until we reach our goal? The first step is in setting goals but in order for you to reach those goals I always encourage setting a time frame to the goal. Try not to set too difficult targets or goals that are too far off in the future. To begin with set goals for the week, then for the month and the final step would be to set the goal for say six months to a year on. Put targets within each of your goals so that way you are actively pursuing the goal. Reaching your target gives you motivation.

I believe that in order to achieve your set goals it is vital that you BELIEVE in your ability to achieve the goals. By setting short term targets it also helps you to persevere. Don't be hard on yourself if you slip up or delay in reaching the targets. The key is to pursue the goal one step at a time.

For example if you want to work on your weight loss, set a target goal weight and a realistic date by which you want to lose the weight. Then set out a plan on how you want to go about losing the weight i.e. eating healthier, taking up exercise, cutting out the junk food? Then set your target for the week with a food plan and exercise plan and week by week record your goals.


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